Light update the previous image, felt it was too dark and wanted a bit more separation 



Along with that, I'll include this image that was both a warm up and cooldown sketch that became a light bit of painting fun. (wanted something bright to do after working on all the darks above).


So I finished this a short while ago. Interesting to see how much more work I need to put in to truly get good at this but a decent step none the less, learnt a few things.

and a step by step gif:

things to work on:
better comps
shape language

WIP and sketches

okay so, unfortunately (or fortunately) the only image I have of this one before I chose to start taking it seriously is this rather memey picture (that's really accidentally awesome) anyway that has laid the ground work for the image below. so far so good, I really only work on it when I'm cooling down from doing larger pieces

A couple of things have changed, her face is now opened up and more changes are coming in, main reason for the changes is that the base image had her punching out but I couldn't figure out a good place to put her magic crystal thingy.

Alright and below is some of my warmup sketches.

OH YEAH! also tried my hand at landscapes again, gonna need to do more work but you know, you gotta start somewhere.

Artstation Challenge final

OK so these where my finals for the artstation challenge. 10 characters in a month is no joke and I feel like I learned a lot on how to ration character development time and my own true speed in development.  As usual, I'm bad with naming things, but if I was to give some sort of origin story then the heroes would most likely be from a land where the desert, the sea, and civilization all meet. The villains on the flipside would be born of the underbelly of that world, they'd be from the part of the world where all the filth gets sent (thing sewer pipe from beautiful city dumping its contents in the sea)



Artstation Challenge

So I joined the artsatation challenge for character design a while back and these are the designs I've been making for it.

 "We’re challenging artists to imagine the next step for humanity. Did we make it to a utopian future, or did something more enhanced take our place? In this Challenge you will design ten (10) characters from the future of humanity. Five (5) character designs for future heroes, and five (5) character designs for future villains." -  Artstation VILLAINS:




Hoping to splash some color on this blog as its been a lot of greyscale work recently but there we go more fire witch concepts. this time her ultimate form

Post Graduation Fun p8 illustration

Okay did a couple of things to help add depth the usual adjusting the range of values between foreground mid ground and background as well as started some rudimentary work on the environment. Gotta fix up some anatomy work with the girl running towards us but overall it's looking good and almost ready for colors!